Practice Areas

Overland Consulting offers extensive assistance in the following areas:

Management and Financial Services:

We offer regulatory services in accounting, affiliated transactions, utility taxation, cost of capital, service cost allocation studies, rate design, service quality, tariff issues, and jurisdictional cost allocation.

Specific examples include:

  • Revenue Requirements
  • Incentive/Alternative Regulatory Plans
  • Service Costing, Tariffs and Pricing
  • Affiliate Relationships and Transactions
  • Competitive Service Assessment
  • Management and Operational Analysis
  • Service Quality
  • Business Plan Analysis and Development
  • Capital Expenditure Analysis
  • Valuation/Merger Analysis
  • Cost of Capital
  • Utility Diversification and Ring Fencing


  • Integrated Resource Planning
  • Fuel Procurement Reviews
  • Risk Management and Hedging Policies


  • Local Exchange Competition
  • Cost Separations and Allocations
  • Access Tariffs Interpretation and Litigation
  • Development of New Services

Valuation Services:

We develop asset or business valuations for use in ad valorem tax disputes and other proceedings using generally recognized appraisal approaches. Industry experience includes energy, telecommunications and railroads. We also provide valuation services in connection with merger, acquisition and business planning activities.

Litigation Support Services:

Our legal services include litigation consulting and damages analysis in expert testimony, assistance in preparing trial strategy, discovery, the assessment of opposing party case evidence and witness cross examination. We also provide support services such as the development and management of document retrieval systems.

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