The Firm

Our Purpose:

As the Energy, Telecommunications, and Railroad industries are vital to the United States’ economy, and as they continue to operate in ever-changing and complex environments, Overland Consulting was founded on the premise that creative technical counsel can make significant contributions to the public interest by helping government, consumers and industry manage the changes that occur. We provide expertise for the Telecommunications, Electric, Natural Gas, Water and Railroad industries and offers expert testimony in regulatory proceedings and civil litigation.

Our Capabilities:

Overland Consulting provides technical and creative advice in the areas of economics, finance, accounting and management. Our practice consists of expert testimony in regulatory proceedings and in civil litigation, regulatory accounting and auditing, business and asset valuation, and management consulting. Our clients have included regulators, law firms, utilities, industry vendors, investors, large consumers and research groups. By maintaining ongoing communication with our clients, Overland Consulting integrates our professional skills and industry knowledge to address client expectations, as reflected in our work products and project deliverables.

Our Commitment:

Overland is comprised of a full-time dedicated staff of experienced individuals.  Our technical focus in finance, accounting and valuation matters is unique.  Overland maintains a positive image among both regulators and industry, based on our reputation for reliable and balanced studies of complex issues.

At Overland Consulting, our interest lies in timely yet thorough analyses of client needs, perspectives and interests. We are committed to providing the highest quality services and products that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

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